While the News & Observer just threw another hissy fit that the Board of Governors at UNC might actually reform our university system, lower tuition, and listen to the views of the conservative reform majority in the Legislature, we’re still waiting for a probe of UNC General Counsel Mark Merritt’s ties to anti-reform Democrats now that Mr. Merritt has thrust himself into the debate about electing judges.

He’s contributed thousands of dollars to Democrats like Kay Hagan, Beverly Perdue, Walter Dalton and Roy Cooper – including three grand last election – and just a smidge to Republicans like his law partner Richard Vinroot.

Merritt even backed John Edwards (founding leader of Gene Nichols’ now defunct UNC Center on Work, Poverty, and Opportunity). Yikes.

So if the Board of Governors is bad for listening to Republicans, did Mr. Merritt get his lucrative gig at UNC by giving to Democrats?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a media investigation or you’ll turn a darker shade than Carolina Blue.