The News and Observer says UNC’s bill for lawyers, PR spinners and investigators for the no show class scandal now exceeds $10 million.

That scandal budget works out to all the tuition money paid by over 1000 students. Yes, yes, yes, we know the powers that be at UNC (the same folks who looked the other way since 1993 when the no show classes began) tell us that no tax dollars or tuition money pays the cost of the investigations. The money comes from university foundations.

But a source recently told us that the university pays for the building expenses of various foundations and institutes that inhabit the campus. Sounds like a subsidy from taxpayers and tuition payers.

And while the scandal bill mounts and university administrators ball themselves in knots over what to do about the presence of Silent Sam, let’s hope Mrs. Spellings is buying a long pair of hip waders because the muck she is going to have to clean up is stinky and deep.