George Will notes Democrats targeted a new group in the last election, ” basement grads ”. They are the 1/3 of voters aged 18-31 who still live with their parent.

It’s easy to see why they can’t afford their own place. It’s an indictment of failed big government economic policy. Student loan debt has topped $1 trillion and 40% of recent college graduates report taking a job that doesn’t require a college degree.

Maybe the numbers on student debt and jobs should prompt University of North Carolina System President Thomas Ross to think anew. UNC Chapel Hill recently announced another $500 tuition increase.

Consider that in light of this. The bill for PR agents and consultants just blew past $2 million in UNC’s no show classes scandal. 

One law professor makes $205,000 teaching one class and $7500 to declare war on poverty. 

The Daily Tarheel said ”There was one administrator for every 3.5 students at UNC, according to 2012 data showing non-faculty headcount versus student enrollment. Champ Mitchell, a member of the Board of Governors Educational Committee, said the numbers for 2013 are similar.”

Perhaps the Legislature should mandate a tuition freeze and direct President Ross to meet with employers to learn what jobs are available that require college degrees. Focus resources there, not on courses that lead to pouring coffee at Starbucks and a massive debt.