The top 25% of North Carolina’s 3rd grade reading teachers are getting a merit pay bonus of up to $3,500 based on the amount of improvement their students demonstrate on reading tests.

The Washington Post reported a Harvard study proved paying teachers for performance boosts student outcomes.

And incentives for better performance on the job are just common sense to most North Carolinians. North Carolinians support merit pay by 52%, while only 24% think teachers should be paid based on the number of years they spend in the classroom.

So who’s against a $3,500 bonus for reading teachers and $2,000 for Advanced Placement high school teachers and technical skills teachers? The NCAE. The teachers union that claims to support educators.

Instead of honoring good performance, the NCAE disrespects it by opposing a bonus for teachers achieving superior results. Surreal.

Merit pay makes sense. That’s why we need a reform majority to keep fighting against the reactionary left that keeps resisting change.