Cole Phelps isn’t just another anti-reformer promising higher taxes, like Michael Garrett and John Campbell.

In his short career as a public official, Cole Phelps has already raised taxes himself, and he’s itching to do it again.

As a Washington County Commissioner, Phelps raised property taxes by about 10%.
Washington County Commission Meeting Minutes: May 17, 2017

Now he’s running for State Senate, promising to reverse the conservative reformers’ tax reforms. That means reversing tax cuts that made the first $20,000 of every family’s income tax-free, and that lowered the personal state income tax from 7.75% to a flat 5.25%.

“For one, he said he disagreed with Republicans on tax reform, which has featured cutting income taxes…”
Daily Advance, Sept. 29, 2017

Oh, and Phelps opposed the bipartisan state budget that raised pay for teachers and state employees.
May 29, 2018 Social media posts

“Democratic state Senate candidate Cole Phelps is defending his record on taxes and spending, noting tax increases he supported as a county commissioner in Washington County were needed…”
Daily Advance, August 5, 2018

Phelps is young. But he’s not offering any new ideas – only throwbacks to the policies that made North Carolina the highest taxed state in the Southeast, with teacher furloughs and frozen salaries.

The conservative reformers have put NC back on track with common sense and bipartisan reforms to our tax system and our schools.

Cole Phelps isn’t having it. He’s no friend of reform.