Another anti-reformer who opposed bipartisan tax cuts and teacher raises: Michael Garrett.

Garrett on the Issues - NC's Tax ReliefGarrett on the Issues - NC Budget 2

Garrett has run for office several times, as both a Republican and a Democrat. This time, he moved in with his parents.

Garrett says he supports teachers and public education, but on social media he’s blasted the state budgets that raised teacher pay (it’s now been raised five years in a row).

Garrett on the Issues - NC BudgetGarrett on the Issues - Opposing Teacher Pay Raises

Garrett on the Issues - NC Budget 3Garrett on the Issues - Tax Relief for the Middle Class

And Garrett doesn’t like recent tax reforms, even though North Carolina’s economy has added over half a million new jobs and now has the most competitive tax climate in the region.

Tax cuts for families and big teacher pay raises. Those are real reforms with broad support. Why is Michael Garrett opposed?