With Senate reformers pushing their billion dollar, middle class tax cut plan, howls that education will be destroyed are already out. Get a grip. Since reformers took charge, education has increased $1.6 billion a year.

What is good for education is a thriving private sector. That generates money for government, including education. Tax cuts help create the economic growth to fund education.

What is bad for education is a system caring more about itself than the kids. For example, the National Council on Teacher Quality reports North Carolina ranks F for getting bad teachers out of the classroom.

Thank the courts that struck down tenure reform, since tenure helps protect under-performing teachers.

One usually doesn’t hear good things about Washington D.C.’s schools. But Congressional action a decade ago paved the way for a teacher evaluation counting student achievement. Now, highly evaluated teachers get bonuses, poor performers are fired and student achievement is rising.

Legislative reformers have instituted $3,500 bonuses for our best reading teachers. Super. But merit pay and firing teachers who don’t cut the mustard needs to be hammered home in every grade and subject.

No, tax cuts don’t hurt education. But a system of, by and for the system truly does.