Whether a Chinese Communist Party Biowarfare laboratory deliberately released the COVID-19 virus or just had a deadly accident, the economic price for North Carolina has been steep.

From March 15 to May 5, unemployment claims directly related to the COVID-19 virus added 880,000 North Carolinians to the jobless rolls.  North Carolina’s work force, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, is estimated to be 4.97 million – meaning 21% of workers are without jobs and have filed claims.

The cost? More than $1.38 BILLION has already paid out from unemployment funds.  

However you look at it, when unemployment dollars are spent by the government it is essentially a tax on Tar Heel employers and their employees and many point the finger at Governor Cooper’s economy and business shutdown – which crushed a huge sector of North Carolinians’ ability to keep a job.

And the Governor’s economic shutdown plan keeps snuffing out the jobs and economic freedom of far too many of our citizens. Maybe we should hope that Donald Trump is able to pull off imposing monetary penalties on the Chinese for their questionable behavior that’s been reported during the early days of the spread of COVID-19. Maybe that would help recover some of the cost of the Governor’s devastating shutdown.