The News and Observer brought in Keith Poston of the Public School Forum to gripe about how tax cuts have hurt our schools.

Before examining what Mr. Poston said, here’s what he didn’t say.

During the budget crisis five years ago, when everything should have been going to the classroom instead of the bloat, the Democrat Legislature gave the Public School Forum $3.6 million. Now the new conservative majority is putting education dollars into the classroom and the Public School Forum only gets $400,000.

We don’t know how many dollars go into Mr. Poston’s pocket. But the executive director -previously running the Public School Forum was paid $203,600 a year according to IRS filings.

Mr. Poston claims we spend $855 less per student than in 2008.That doesn’t square with the facts from the Department of Public Instruction . DPI says spending per student increased from $8522 to $8776. And appropriations from the Legislature increased nearly 8% under conservative leadership.

We can put more into the classroom by eliminating the rest of the money going to the Public School Forum.