Here we have media bias at work: The Washington Post just ran an article trying to discredit tax cuts in North Carolina in order to discredit the Trump tax cuts.

The Post found a guy in Burlington who said he didn’t know anyone helped by the tax cuts. “I don’t know the people who this benefits,” Henry said of the North Carolina tax cut.

So we guess Henry doesn’t know anyone, because the conservative reform majority made the first $20,000 of family income tax free. That helped everyone.

And the reform majority enacted a child deduction of as much as $2,500 per child and expanded the deduction to cover more middle class families. We guess Henry doesn’t know any parents.

The North Carolina tax reform cut tax rates for every taxpayer. In fact, 241,000 North Carolinians have been removed from the tax rolls according to the General Assembly’s nonpartisan Fiscal Research division.

So how can anyone say nobody has benefited from tax cuts in North Carolina?

The Washington Post’s narrator in Burlington was clearly uninformed and the president would call their story fake news. We call it mendacious deception by a newspaper bent on running America by attempting to limit what we know and therefore control what we think.