Governor McCrory has floated Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare with a work requirement for new recipients.

But now the Obama Administration has rejected a work requirement for Medicaid expansion in Utah. “Utah will still not be allowed to require Medicaid recipients to work, even though the president has offered Utah Gov. Gary Herbert more flexibility on the issue, federal officials said Wednesday.

U.S. Health and Human Services Department spokesman Ben Wakana said “encouraging work is a legitimate state objective” and the agency looks forward to continuing negotiations with Herbert over Medicaid expansion.

“However, work initiatives are not the purpose of the Medicaid program and cannot be a condition of Medicaid eligibility,” Wakana said.”

No work requirement. Period.

The question is pretty clear. Do North Carolina leaders want to put North Carolina taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars in new benefits for able bodied people who don’t work?