Whatever happened to Medicaid reform? The Legislature passed it. Off it went to NCDHHS. Anyone heard anything since?

The Program Evaluation Division recently documented more bureaucratic constipation at NCDHHS.

They examined the ineffective work of the Medicaid Program Integrity unit. NCDHHS is a ninety pound weakling when it comes to fighting Medicaid fraud.

While Federal and State auditors show $664-$835 million in Medicaid payment errors annually, NCDHHS contractors checking Medicaid applications have only recovered $670,000 in 2014 at a cost of $1 million. Referrals to Roy Cooper’s Medicaid fraud unit have plunged 84% in recent years and Cooper only accepts half of them.

NCDHHS hasn’t cleaned up Medicaid. Neither has Attorney General Cooper. Who will? New Treasurer Dale Folwell is willing to act on healthcare costs by tackling the State Health Plan’s $32 billion debt. Why not transfer Medicaid to the Treasurer?

Donald Trump talks about returning Medicaid to the states. Do we want NCDHHS to muff the ball again? Give the Treasurer a shot.