The left snickers at the very idea of a Carolina Comeback. The left apparently has a problem with math.

In the past year, North Carolina expanded employment by 110,000 jobs, nearly 30% faster than the nation average. National job growth was 2.1% while our state grew 2.7%, almost 30% greater job growth.

Here’s what Wells Fargo economist Mark Vitner said. “Professional and business services, construction and the state’s technology sector are all booming, particularly in Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte, Asheville and Wilmington. The Triad’s recovery is also back on track, with solid job growth across most key industry segments.

“Manufacturers have added 12,000 jobs over the past year,” Vitner said. “That marks the third-largest gain in the country over the past year, behind Michigan and Ohio.” (W-S Journal)

Granted, nobody can experience a boom until Obama’s Washington gets their boot off the neck of business. But North Carolina’s superior growth rate proves the left’s dire claims that tax cuts would hurt our economy were bunk.

The new conservative majority in the Legislature should take heart and keep going. Conservative reform works. Don’t stop now.