The rubber is finally meeting the road on ObamaCare expansion, as State House Republicans get serious about expanding Medicaid under ObamaCare through the deceptively named “North Carolina Health Care for Working Families Act.”

The key component of the latest Medicaid expansion plan is giving Governor Cooper’s liberal administration a blank slate to write the rules and a blank check to pay for it.

In fact, according to House sponsor Donny Lambeth, “There’s a lot of work still to be done. If you look at the bill, it’s probably one of the shortest, simplest bills for a complex topic, and that leaves a lot of the administrative work yet to be done [by the Department of Health and Human Services].”

Republicans behind this big government program are trusting Cooper, who has called them “desperate” and has said they use “deception and lies”,to put in place the most expensive piece of Obamacare.  Is handing over the keys to the treasury to Cooper’s bureaucrats inside NCDHHS really a good idea, based on the NCDHHS history of cost overruns and mismanagement?

Perhaps the bigger government gang thinks they can fool the voters by leaving details to the governor and his loyal bureaucrats. More on that tomorrow…