We told you how ObamaCare guru Professor Jonathan Gruber found six out of ten people signing up for free government health insurance during Medicaid expansions between 1996-2002 were leaving private insurance they likely had been paying something to get. (CPRNC)

Now the Kaiser Foundation has studied the finances of Ascension Health, America’s largest nonprofit hospital chain. (Kaiser Family Foundation)

Comparing 2013 ( before Medicaid expansion ) to 2014 ( after expansion ), Kaiser shows Medicaid revenue increasing by $46 million in Medicaid expansion states. Revenue from self pay patients spending their own money dropped $181 million. Among states that didn’t expand, Medicaid revenue fell $88 million and self pay increased $35 million.

In expansion states, Medicaid revenue rose from 13.3% to 14.2% of the total and self pay plunged to 2.5% from 6.8%.

When taxpayers pay more of people’s bills, they take less responsibility for themselves. Imagine that.