One normally thinks of Democratic politicians as a big-spending gang. But the recent poll by the Carolina Partnership for Reform indicates they may be out of step with their voters.

According to the survey conducted by Rob Autry of Meeting Street Research, voters support the Taxpayer Protection Act to limit spending by 58%-27%. What is really interesting is that 49% of Democratic voters favor it (74% of Republicans and 52% of unaffiliated voters support it ). This means Democratic politicians opposing the Taxpayer Protection Act are going against half their voters.

The Taxpayer Protection Act limits spending growth to no more than inflation plus population, caps income tax rates at five percent and establishes a savings reserve. It’s a handcuff on politicians to keep them from overspending.

With 49% of Democratic voters favoring it, the conservative majority should put this Constitutional Amendment limiting spending on the ballot in November. Let’s put a check on politicians. And make it a defining issue in November.