The Pope Center for Higher Education points readers to an article in the Daily Caller reporting Tennessee Legislators are questioning the $5.5 million the University of Tennessee spends on diversity programming each year.

Perhaps North Carolina lawmakers should consult with their colleagues in Tennessee to learn more about the diversity racket so questions can be addressed to the UNC Board of Governors as they search for a new President.

For example, the Chief Diversity Officer and Director of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs at UNC, Taffye Clayton, pockets a salary of $195,700 yearly according to the News and Observer data base of state salaries.

Deputy Title IX Coordinator Ew Quimbaya-Winship makes $60,000 yearly while the Chief Title IX Coordinator, Katie Nolan, is not listed in the News and Observer Data.

If Tennessee is spending $5.5 million on diversity, how many millions more must the UNC system be spending? Cutting that overhead would provide free tuition for a lot of students.