Attorney General Roy Cooper thinks he has a silver bullet issue by calling for Medicaid expansion under ObamaCare.

However, Attorney General Roy Cooper might have a problem now considering what happened to Democrat Attorney General Jack Conway in Kentucky. AG Conway was just blown out 53%-44% by Republican outsider Matt Bevin in the race for Kentucky Governor.

Democrat Attorney General Conway ran on ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion. He called it the “Christian thing to do” while Bevin opposed Medicaid expansion as too costly for taxpayers.

While Conway ran on expanding Medicaid’s free healthcare benefits at taxpayers expense, Bevin ran on fiscal responsibility and swept the state in a landslide after trailing consistently in media polls.

Let’s recall what Roy Cooper’s Medicaid expansion is all about. It’s about spending $3 billion of state taxpayers money to provide free healthcare to single, childless, able bodied adults of working age many of whom don’t work.

And if the Kentucky race for Governor proved anything, it proved that hard working taxpayers are tired of giving free stuff to able bodied people who don’t work. If Roy Cooper thinks running on ObamaCare expansion is the secret sauce for victory, what happened in Kentucky ought to cause him to think twice.