Now that 30 year insider Attorney General Roy Cooper is running for Governor as the man who can guide North Carolina’s future, take a look at his past.

In 2006, the Charlotte Observer reported Cooper exempted government agencies from laws requiring consumer notification when their private ID information like Social Security numbers was exposed in a data breach.

The Observer wrote “Attorney General Roy Cooper proposed legislation last year that allowed government agencies to avoid reporting data-security breaches… meaning that school districts, state agencies and city departments don’t have to tell residents their personal data has been lost, stolen or exposed. Businesses and nonprofits, however, are required to notify people about breaches of data security.” (6/28/2006)

In other words, while private businesses were required to notify consumers when their private data was stolen, as they should, government agencies run by politicians and bureaucrats were exempted from the law.

Exempting politicians and bureaucrats from the laws the rest of us have to follow is the hallmark of an insider politician. And that’s the Roy Cooper record.