“Cartel” Might Not Be Strong Enough to Describe the Hospital Systems

Hospitals have been claiming poverty to kill bills that would lower patient costs But Treasurer’s report shows NC hospital systems raked in record profits during the pandemic Treasurer Dale Folwell calls North Carolina’s major hospital systems a “cartel,” but that may not be strong enough. At least the South American cartels don’t claim they’re performing community service while pilfering the … Read More

If Cooper’s Consistent, He’ll Oppose Biden’s Gas Tax Holiday

Politico reports that President Joe Biden intends to pressure Congress to temporarily suspend the 18-cent-per-gallon federal gas tax and that he’ll pressure states to do the same. If Gov. Cooper has any semblance of consistency, he’ll oppose President Biden’s proposal (like Congressional Democrats already do, according to Politico). Why? In Cooper’s own words, “tax cuts should be targeted to support … Read More

UCLA Has a Creepy Tracker Showing Where “Nonexistent” CRT Faces Pushback

UCLA School of Law keeping tabs on school boards that wish for students to have a diversity of worldviews Wait, we thought CRT was nonexistent?! Critical Race Theory is so nonexistent in K-12 schools that the UCLA School of Law is keeping tabs on school boards that push back on K-12 indoctrination in Critical Race Theory. The creepy project is … Read More

See the Full Analysis of Our Exclusive Poll Results

We’ve shared bits and pieces over the last few weeks of the results of our poll, conducted May 8-12. Now we’re releasing the full presentation and expert analysis from Meeting Street Insights. What are the crosstabs really saying? What do persuadable voters think about abortion? What concerns are top of mind for unaffiliateds? Answers to these questions and more (along … Read More

“Medical Marijuana’s Conservative Champion”

Last year, The Assembly published an excellent and thoroughly reported piece on what’s driving Sen. Bill Rabon’s medical marijuana bill. With the Senate poised to vote on it today, we wanted to reshare some excerpts. Read the full piece here: Medical Marijuana’s Conservative Champion. For Rabon, the 70-year-old face and force behind the current push to legalize medical marijuana in … Read More

Poll Shows Why Republicans Have Historic Advantage

Last week, we reported that Republicans right now hold the largest generic ballot advantage (+6) since we began polling in 2014. Today, we’ll explain why. The answer is simple: Voters overwhelmingly trust the Republican Party to address the issues that are of most concern to them right now. On four of the top five issues that are “very important” to … Read More

News & Observer Continues Campaign Against Parents’ Bill of Rights

Last week, N&O reporter falsely claimed bill would “ban teachers in K-3 from talking about gender or sexuality” Today, N&O ran a story with unrebutted (and false) implications the bill would “out” gay people Reality: Bill requires parental notification if students present in school with gender dysphoria, a diagnosed medical condition The News & Observer appears to be doing all … Read More

Polling The Sin Wagon Part 3: Abortion

If you read or watch the mainstream media, you’d think that abortion is one of the most divisive and partisan issues in America. The media depict Americans pitted against each other in two distinct camps – pro-life or pro-choice – and hand their bully pulpit to the most extreme elements in both groups. On one side, we are inundated with rhetoric … Read More

The Sin Wagon Part 2: Gambling

Rob Christensen, the long-time progressive political commentator at the New & Observer, often attributed the following statement to former U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole: “North Carolina is the buckle on the Bible Belt, and its politics reflect that.” The implication being North Carolina’s large population of regular church goers and born again, evangelical Christians shape an outsized role for Judeo-Christian values … Read More