A Medicaid Reform Bill Worth Consideration

Yesterday in the NC Senate legislation was filed to add a work requirement for Medicaid recipients, a necessary step in any worthwhile policy changes to Medicaid. Senate Bill 387 would require a minimum of 20 hours of “community engagement” a week for able-bodied Medicaid recipients, which includes both working or taking classes. While Medicaid Expansionists clamor to add more able-bodied … Read More

First Term Legislator Kills Medicaid Expansion

After all of the lines drawn in the sand by those favoring expansion, what brought about the unexpected end of Medicaid expansion in 2019-20 was the rushed judgment of a first-term legislator, Sen. Kirk deViere. For those of you who missed the action on the Senate floor, while presumably acting either on bad advice or on no advice, Sen. deViere … Read More

Exclusive: Did Legislative Democrats Form Front Group Claiming to be Conservative?

Several weeks ago, CPR obtained the NC House Democratic Caucus’ talking points on Medicaid expansion. That document is linked below: And just last week, new ads funded by “NC Fund for a Conservative Future” started popping up in Raleigh, targeting Republicans with a Medicaid expansion message: The ad linked through to a website for an organization calling itself “Conservatives for … Read More

A Rare, Informed, Serious Take on Medicaid Expansion

A few weeks ago far-left legislators in both the House and Senate filed companion bills to expand government, reduce options, and increase government debt. Tonight Gov. Roy Cooper will deliver his State of the State speech and assuredly much of it will be focused on Medicaid expansion with a lot of the same talking points about how wonderful government expansion … Read More

Medicaid Expansion: Good Intentions, Terrible Costs

Bill filing period is here at the NCGA, and with it some of the standard fulfilling-campaign-promises filings. No surprise that our friends on the left immediately got to work expanding government. And yesterday, first term Senator Wiley Nickel tweeted: That sound you’re hearing is the now Daily Mantra of Liberals. “Conservatives!  Hail Ohio’s Medicaid Expansion.  Beware Kansas’s Tax Cuts.” But … Read More


Thanks to a few limelight-seeking politicians, Obamacare and its Medicaid expansion will likely never be cut, much less repealed, as momentum to act has come and gone. The Wall Street Journal says states from Kansas to Maine are again pushing Obamacare expansion, including Governor Cooper’s illegal Medicaid expansion push right here in North Carolina. But what is the real morality … Read More


Everyone knows the VA has been a mess for years. And before Mandy Cohen became an Obamacare bureaucrat, she was Deputy Director of Women’s Health at the VA. The Government Accountability Office found the VA was not in compliance with its own rules for caring for female veterans in an audit during Cohen’s watch. GAO reported: ”The extent to which … Read More


Among the jobs Mandy Cohen held in the Obama Administration: Director of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight.  Her bureaucracy oversaw the Obamacare Co-Ops – taxpayer-funded nonprofit insurance companies created by Obamacare to compete with the traditional insurers. It was a grand little socialist experiment. And Mandy Cohen hailed the Obamacare Co-Ops in Congressional testimony, declaring ”New Jersey’s CO-OP (Health Republic … Read More


Media fact checkers hover over politics like gods, giving themselves a self-appointed power to declare who lies and who speaks the truth. Take this Fact Check of Governor Cooper’s claim we already pay for Medicaid expansion. The News and Observer headlines ”NC Gov. Roy Cooper on Medicaid expansion in North Carolina: “You’re already paying for it.” They add Cooper ”Says … Read More


Governor Cooper claims his illegal Obamacare expansion for able-bodied, childless adults will create jobs. But research from Texas A&M, Georgetown, and the University of Illinois at Chicago casts big doubts on the governor’s sales pitch. The study compares recipients enrolling in Wisconsin’s 2009 Medicaid expansion for able-bodied, childless adults with those on a waiting list. The result was a work … Read More