First-Term Senators Re-Introduce Bill To Harm Low-Income Students

Earlier this year we told you about progressive members of the NC Senate’s attempt to defund the Opportunity Scholarship program, which was resoundingly defeated by conservative leadership. Undeterred, first-term progressive Senators Natasha Marcus, Sam Searcy, and Wiley Nickel have filed a bill that would cut off the Opportunity Scholarship fund. Opponents of the Opportunity Scholarship program cite how much money … Read More

Empty Words and Blind Partisanship

NCAE’s Annual Union Convention was this past weekend, and Union Boss Mark Jewell was busy rallying the troops for a proposed, second annual Rally For Respect. “I’m sad to say, we still have enemies on Jones Street; we’re fighting even now, for a budget that will prioritize student resources, educator pay and school safety. Some people still stand in the way of … Read More

Roy Cooper’s Blast from the Past

Ribbon Cutter in Chief Roy Cooper gave a speech yesterday where he laid out several of his priorities for this year’s upcoming budget debate. The N&O detailed some of the highlights, including: • An average raise of 9.1% this biennium (last biennium he vetoed a 9.5% raise) • $40 million to hire more nurses, psychologists and other support staff at … Read More

The Anti-Reform Agenda Is Taking Shape

The anti-reformers in Raleigh have been hard at work this week, filing a repeal of last year’s municipal charter school bill with the backing of the union political-activist-group NCAE as they seek to maintain their stranglehold on the education of every child in North Carolina. Last year’s municipal charter bill was introduced and subsequently passed because town officials and parents in … Read More

Ouch: First Term Senator On a Mission to Spend Money

First-term Senator Wiley Nickel has hit the ground running after a couple of months on the job. Hungry to make sure he isn’t outflanked by anyone in Raleigh to promise the most amount of money spent he’s co-sponsored bills like a fiscally irresponsible Medicaid expansion bill and giveaways to Hollywood millionaires. Sen. Nickel’s insatiable desire to spend money that he … Read More

School Choice For Me But Not For Thee

Politicians like first-term State Senators Kirk deViere and Harper Peterson rode into office on big promises to “invest” – i.e. spend our tax dollars – in all kinds of things. Already, anti-reformers in the legislature are promising Medicaid expansion, a multi-billion-dollar bond, the laughable-if-it-weren’t-so-terrifying Green New Deal, and massive handouts to Hollywood corporations. They might as well say “everyone gets … Read More

The Left’s Latest Campaign to Stomp On Student Success

Last week the News & Observer reported that certain groups on the left are pushing for a cap on the number of charter schools allowed in North Carolina. The self-styled champions of “progress,” Public Schools First NC, is making a renewed push to limit the number of educational freedoms that families have, demanding legislators place a cap on charter schools. … Read More


Cole Phelps isn’t just another anti-reformer promising higher taxes, like Michael Garrett and John Campbell. In his short career as a public official, Cole Phelps has already raised taxes himself, and he’s itching to do it again. As a Washington County Commissioner, Phelps raised property taxes by about 10%. Washington County Commission Meeting Minutes: May 17, 2017 Now he’s running … Read More


Another anti-reformer who opposed bipartisan tax cuts and teacher raises: Michael Garrett. Garrett has run for office several times, as both a Republican and a Democrat. This time, he moved in with his parents. Garrett says he supports teachers and public education, but on social media he’s blasted the state budgets that raised teacher pay (it’s now been raised five … Read More

The Anti-Reformers, Part 1: Checking on John Campbell

It’s tough to argue you’d fight for taxpayers and teachers when you tried to take from taxpayers and teachers. That’s what John Campbell’s doing now. And it’s what he did back in the day, when the Robesonian busted him for it: And this was AFTER Campbell was charged multiple times for writing bad checks. Campbell is still on the Robeson … Read More