Even better news came out over the weekend about North Carolina’s budget surplus. According to the Office of State Budget and Management, tax revenues coming in to state coffers in the last fiscal year ending June 30 totaled $29.7 billion.  That’s $190 million more than projections released in a mid-June report from OSBM and General Assembly fiscal analysts. The mid-June … Read More


Just when we thought the furor over Nikole Hannah-Jones’ hiring at UNC-CH was over, another chapter unfolded last week after UNC released emails giving a bit of the inside story that went on at the Trustee level in the struggle over giving her tenure. The News & Observer did an investigative piece on the revelations.  Emails revealed the efforts of … Read More


The national Tax Foundation is crowing about the recent legislation passed by the NC Senate that included more tax reform elements that if passed could pushed NC to 5th in the country on its Business Tax Climate rating. The Senate passed House Bill 334 on June 10 and negotiators from the two bodies are now working out details of the … Read More

Transparency in Education

Here’s an idea.  With the NCAE teachers union such a muscular force in the education decision-making of our children, shouldn’t there be more transparency in education in North Carolina?  Shouldn’t parents know if their students’ teachers are members of NCAE and all that means before they make the decision to send their children to that school? Transparency has been at … Read More

“Havana” Hannah-Jones

Somehow this doesn’t surprise us. Nikole Hannah-Jones, the much-ballyhooed Pulitzer-prize winning creator of the 1619 Project and almost-journalism professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, is in the news again for touting Cuba’s socialist dictatorship as a model for equality in the Western Hemisphere in a podcast back in 2019. Hopefully, you are aware that tens of thousands of Cubans took to the … Read More


How frustrating this must be for NC parents of school-age children.  We are one of the few states to still have a mask mandate in our schools. The News and Observer has reported that, according to, “10 states currently mandate masks in all schools, according to technology company Burbio, which helps schools and communities build calendars and event plan: California, … Read More


Remember in the Civitas poll we discussed last week how 69% of parents of school-age children thought education in NC was headed in the wrong direction? And how 73% of parents of school-age children thought classroom instruction had become more political? Well – the National Education Association (NEA) pledged to teach critical race theory in all of the school systems … Read More

Will Parents of Children in School Remember?

Before all the stir associated with UNC-CH’s misadventure with Ms. Nikole Hannah-Jones, one of the biggest issues affecting North Carolina’s families was the iron-fisted grip the NCAE teachers union had on Governor Cooper and how that control kept children across North Carolina from having in-person instruction in their schools since the COVID pandemic faded in our state this spring. It … Read More


As I wrote this last night on Independence Day – July 4th – fireworks were blasting away outside and the dog was headed for the closet. A lot of folks that celebrate the 4th don’t pay a bit of attention to the significance of the day and though it’s important to me, that’s just fine.  Just a year or so … Read More

Ms. Hannah-Jones – Come On Down

By a 9-4 vote, the UNC-CH Board of Trustees voted Wednesday to grant tenure to reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones for her new job at the University’s Journalism School. Here are some thoughts.  First, we repeat the question “Why did the UNC-CH trustees think it was a good idea to bring such an inflammatory lightning rod activist to their campus in the … Read More