It is time to start putting 2020 in the rear-view mirror. And run as fast we can to 2021. When the NC General Assembly reconvenes on January 13, 2021, there will be new faces in place as a result of the 2020 election when more than 5.5 million of the state’s 7.3 million registered voters cast their votes. That 75% … Read More

Thanksgiving Blessings

This year is the 400th anniversary of the 1620 landing of the Pilgrims in America on the good ship Mayflower. We celebrate the experience of those Pilgrims as Thanksgiving and it’s a holiday I have always loved. Yes, my mother was an excellent cook and I always enjoyed the amazing spread of food she would prepare. Maybe even more, having … Read More

Every Vote Matters

The vote count drama in the NC Supreme Court Chief Justice race brought back memories of other incredibly tight election vote counts from the past. The latest count in that race has Justice Paul Newby ahead by about 406 more votes than Chief Justice Cheri Beasley out of nearly 5.4 million ballots cast. That’s close. We thought it might be … Read More


The liberals who poured millions of dollars into North Carolina’s legislative races are hopping mad that they fell far short of gaining majority control of the NC General Assembly. Their frustration showed up Thursday in a WRAL editorial that tried to make the ludicrous case that the losses suffered by their liberal cronies were a result of “a still-gerrymandered legislature.” … Read More


Between COVID-19 concerns and post-election postmortems, it would be easy to let the importance of Veterans Day slip through without acknowledgement. That’s not happening here. We attended a Veterans Day ceremony today and honored those vets and especially my World War II Navy veteran father for the service they have given our country to keep us free. We hope you … Read More


Well, the smoke continues to clear but amid the remaining haze, some things are becoming apparent. First, Senator Thom Tillis emerged as the winner in the race for U.S. Senate after enough votes were counted to make catching up impossible for his opponent Cal Cunningham. When that became apparent, Cunningham conceded. At the time of the announcement, Tillis was leading … Read More


You can’t really say the smoke has cleared from Election Day’s results because here in North Carolina we won’t know the final results in some races until all the mail-in ballots are counted days from now. However, when it comes to the NC General Assembly, it appears that majority control will not change in either the NC House or the … Read More

2020 Continues: Unaffiliateds acting like Democrats, Socialism for the future, and Deacons edge Tar Heels on Biden

We continue with results and observations from the Carolina Partnership for Reform survey of 600 NC registered voters taken by Meeting Street Insights, October 24–27, 2020. (As is typical, the margin of error on this survey is +/-4%.) One of the interesting observations across this survey was that registered Unaffiliated voters gave opinions that leaned more to Democrat positions on … Read More


There are so many things we take for granted that affect our ability to make a living, operate a business in our free enterprise system, provide a quality education for our children, and live in a safe community. Typically the issues we discuss, particularly in an election year, have to do with taxes, spending, jobs, the size of government, education … Read More