Reform Majority Has Kept NC’s World-Class University System Accessible to All

In-state tuition at UNC System schools hasn’t increased in six years. “There is not another public university system in the country that can say that,” according to UNC System President Peter Hans. And even lower tuition – just $500 per semester – at three system schools has been “a booster rocket” for their enrollment figures. These remarkable achievements do not … Read More

The Hospital Lobby is Killing Free Market Reforms and Medicaid Expansion

Greed is a terrible thing.  But have you ever wondered why you have to wait weeks or months to get an appointment for a medical procedure in North Carolina? Or why there aren’t enough in-patient drug treatment beds to treat victims of the opioid epidemic in our state?  Or why certain kinds of medical treatments like kidney dialysis or certain … Read More

“The Secret Hurt”

A UNC System school is in the news again for pushing woke ideology. Has this become the driving mission of North Carolina’s public universities? Now it’s ECU earning the rightful ire of the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal and National Review for turning most of this year’s faculty convocation into a tent revival for wokeism. They reportedly began … Read More

Andrew Sullivan Luncheon POSTPONED Due to Illness

The planned Carolina Partnership for Reform event, “Stop Following and Start Thinking: A Conversation with Andrew Sullivan,” is POSTPONED due to speaker illness. We apologize for the inconvenience and will share a new date in the near future.

The Taxman Cometh … and Taketh Away.

In 2011, Rolling Stone Magazine’s readers named Revolver The Beatles seminal album. While not receiving the acclaim of tunes on the album like Tomorrow Never Comes or Eleanor Rigby, the opening track on Revolver was a George Harrison-penned effort entitled Taxman that included the lyrics:   Let me tell you how it will be There’s one for you, nineteen for me   Should five percent appear … Read More

North Carolina is Winning. It’s Not an Accident.

Apple: $1 billion. Toyota: $1.29 billion. Boom Supersonic: $500 million. Eli Lilly: $1 billion. Thermo Fisher Scientific: $500 million. Pratt and Whitney: $650 million. North Carolina is winning, and it’s not an accident. In the past 12 years, the General Assembly’s reform majority brought North Carolina’s personal and corporate income tax rates from the highest among our neighbors to the … Read More

Wall Street Journal Blasts N.C. Supreme Court

“These are progressive political arguments from MSNBC, not legal judgments.” The Wall Street Journal editorial board took the North Carolina Supreme Court to task for all but invalidating two constitutional amendments that voters approved by double digit margins. Below are excerpts. Read the whole piece here: The Philosopher Kings of North Carolina. “North Carolina’s activist Supreme Court seems to believe … Read More

An Actual Overturning of Democracy

NC Supreme Court all but invalidated the vote of the people to amend their own Constitution Our government rests on the notion that the people decide how to govern themselves. The foundation of that premise is called a constitution, a set of rules decided upon by the people that outlines how they will govern themselves. When the people vote to … Read More

The Voter Suppression Charade: Think for Yourselves!

With the midterms approaching, we figured the usual suspects will start up with complaints of voter suppression pretty soon. While “voting rights organizations” target states like North Carolina with wild accusations of Jim Crow 2.0, North Carolina’s voting laws are far more permissive than left-leaning states. We present a good case study below of how these phony groups deceive gullible … Read More