One of the TV series that caught our eye during the COVID-19 shutdown and quickly had us bingeing away was Designated Survivor – with Kiefer Sutherland as a low-level Cabinet member who suddenly becomes President of the United States after a bomb takes out the Capitol during the State of the Union address and all of those in the line … Read More


If you thought civil unrest dealing with issues like defunding the police would hopefully die down, think again. Liberal megafunder, George Soros, is pouring a big pile of money – $220 million – into his Open Society Foundations to fund groups like the Equal Justice Initiative and Black Lives Matter that are “fighting for police reform and increased ballot access,” … Read More


This is troubling. Legislative leaders have been calling for testing for several months as a way to identify problem areas with COVID-19, address them and slow the spread of the virus. Here’s an example why. The News & Observer reports that Latinos in North Carolina, though less than 10% of the state’s population, account for 44% of the lab-confirmed COVID-19 … Read More


With all the other distractions, unrest and uncertainty in our lives this year, one thing of certainly from that notorious “death and taxes” line hit home this week. Filing taxes. Brian Balfour at Civitas did an excellent job reminding us what an extraordinary job the reform majority in the legislature did to reduce the tax burden on North Carolina taxpayers … Read More


Despite experts’ views that routine staff testing is necessary to slow down the tragic multitude of occurrences of COVID-19 in nursing homes, there still isn’t a plan for regular testing for the virus, according to a report from the NC Watchdog Reporting Network. Almost half of COVID-19 deaths in North Carolina occur in nursing homes, according to the article, while … Read More


News Flash. The hedge fund company that owns the National Enquirer has bought the bankrupt McClatchy company that owns the Raleigh News and Observer and the Charlotte Observer. Just think… if you didn’t believe the news from these papers before, now you’ll have a reason to say why. And if you like scandal and sensation, you won’t have to go … Read More


This may sound like a story about Raleigh that has no impact on where you may live. But the concern is that the liberals’ agenda to disrupt society is getting to the point that it will have an impact on law and order in cities, counties and towns across the state. You’ve heard of the efforts of mobs in the … Read More

Freedom or tyranny

Happy Independence Day! It’s a good time to celebrate our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain and ole King George the Third in 1776. Debates over freedom versus safety abound these days. In some discussions you even hear the word “tyranny.” Lest we forget, when we send the fireworks up on Independence Day, we’re celebrating the “declaration” of our country’s … Read More


Surprise, surprise. Governor Roy Cooper vetoed eight more bills yesterday that lawmakers passed this legislative session that primarily addressed the COVID-19 pandemic. Cooper continued the veto barrage, saying NO to four bills that included the reopening of businesses like gyms and bowling alleys that would keep groups from congregating. reported that Governor Cooper “vetoed bills that would have reopened bowling … Read More

A Doctor’s Perspective

Thought you should see this thoughtful and informative piece that was posted on Facebook – June 23 – by U.S. Congressman Greg Murphy, MD who also formerly served as an NC House member from Pitt County. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, as Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS), Dr. Mandy Cohen has … Read More