About Us

Carolina Partnership for Reform, Inc. was formed to advocate for a freedom-based agenda in North Carolina. It will focus its efforts on presenting to the people of North Carolina a policy vision based on principles of individual liberty, economic prosperity, and restraints on the size and scope of government.

CPR will seek to educate the public about the benefits of policies adhering to those principles, and the advantages of the free enterprise system. It will educate North Carolina citizens about these issues and document votes and positions taken by legislative leaders who decide on these issues to keep the public informed.


CPR is organized to promote the social welfare and common good of the people of North Carolina by:

  • Sponsoring public policy research, education activities, and advocacy in favor of limited government, low taxation and a free-market economy;
  • Encouraging the general public to become involved in efforts to limit government, lower taxation, reform public education and expand economic opportunity in North Carolina.


Since 2010, North Carolina has seen its lawmakers enact historic reforms such as Regulatory, Tax, Spending, Education, Tort, Medical Malpractice, and Employment Security Reform to promote job creation, investment and private-sector growth in our state. Unfortunately, the public has not been educated on the benefits of these historic reforms. CPR believes there should be a healthy on-going discussion educating the taxpayers of North Carolina about these issues and where their leaders stand.


CPR will use its time and resources communicating with North Carolina citizens about the positive changes and reforms that have improved their lives. It will also work to build public support for even more reform-oriented, pro-growth policies.

Current Mission

Anti-Reform groups are working to misrepresent the goals of the pro-freedom agenda. A freedom-oriented rebuttal to these groups and their propaganda via the news media does not exist. CPR will combat the efforts of anti-reform groups who propose more government intervention in matters of taxes, education, private-sector regulations, and individual liberty. Our intent is to give the public more substantive and accurate information about freedom-based reforms in North Carolina.