There are 680 reasons why Roy Cooper is wrong to support the Obama EPA’s carbon plan. Because the average household will pay $680 in higher utility bills under the Obama Administration’s takeover of the electric power industry. Cooper endorses President Obama’s takeover and the cost increase on consumers.

As the Wall Street Journal explains, ”a recent study by Energy Ventures Analysis, which found that the EPA clean-power plan would raise household electric and heating bills by $680 annually. This would leave families, especially low-income households, with less money to spend on basic necessities like food, medicine and housing. While the EPA has called its carbon plan a “justice issue”, the agency would inflict the most harm on those who could least afford it.”

Governor McCrory and the State Senate’s conservative majority oppose the Obama energy price hike but some in the legislature voted to implement Obama’s plan.

Do legislators want to go to voters standing with Barack Obama and Roy Cooper for a $680 increase in utility bills?