The Voter Suppression Charade: Think for Yourselves!

August 18, 2022

With the midterms approaching, we figured the usual suspects will start up with complaints of voter suppression pretty soon. While “voting rights organizations” target states like North Carolina with wild accusations of Jim Crow 2.0, North Carolina’s voting laws are far more permissive than left-leaning states.

We present a good case study below of how these phony groups deceive gullible reporters and others to buy into realities of their own invention.

We looked through the content from one group, the Voting Rights Lab, as an example.

The fact-based portion of their website is quite robust, and we have no reason to doubt their claim to be the only group that offers a real-time voting legislation tracker.

They offer state-by-state breakdowns of the laws governing more than two dozen voting policies. Here’s the breakdown of “Jim Crow 2.0” North Carolina vs. New York, which has Democratic supermajorities:

New York North Carolina
No-excuse absentee balloting? No Yes
Absentee ballot request deadline? 15 days before election 7 days before election
Signature matching for absentee ballots? Yes No
How many days of early voting? 9 13+
Same day registration available? No During early voting
Last day to register to vote? 25 days before election 3 days before election

Wow! On the most pressing issues related to “voter suppression” – absentee balloting, signature matching, early voting, same-day registration – New York is way worse than North Carolina. Surely that’s reflected in Voting Rights Lab’s public communications, right?

Here’s what the group has to say about North Carolina:

  • They’re monitoring North Carolina for “election subversion efforts” and “legislative threats.” (Not New York, though.)
  • North Carolina’s legislature launched “a number of attacks on North Carolina’s system of election administration.”
  • The legislature passed “anti-voter provisions.”
  • Jim Crow has made his way to North Carolina” because the legislature proposed an absentee balloting system…that mirrors many states in the northeast!

Here’s what the group has to say about New York:

  • “Voters in New York State failed to pass voting rights ballot initiatives” but…wait for it… “this outcome may not truly reflect public sentiment” because of low voter turnout! The irony. It’s somehow not “Jim Crow 2.0” in New York when they decline to expand ballot access to catch up to North Carolina.
  • “Comparing Georgia’s enacted voting legislation to New York’s current law is a misleading argument
  • “New York made it easier to vote for voters with disabilities

So-called “voting rights organizations” don’t appear to have any interest in actually expanding voting rights in states run by a particular political party. They just use the issue to falsely accuse states run by the other political party of being “Jim Crow 2.0.”

Think for yourselves. Don’t be fooled.