UCLA Has a Creepy Tracker Showing Where “Nonexistent” CRT Faces Pushback

June 15, 2022

UCLA School of Law keeping tabs on school boards that wish for students to have a diversity of worldviews

Wait, we thought CRT was nonexistent?!

Critical Race Theory is so nonexistent in K-12 schools that the UCLA School of Law is keeping tabs on school boards that push back on K-12 indoctrination in Critical Race Theory.

The creepy project is targeting local school boards that make any effort to have diversity of thought in their classrooms. For example, UCLA’s monitors call out the Carteret County Board of Education for – the horror! – instructing school staff to “be mindful of their responsibility to deliver the curriculum of the school system” and “not present their personal political views to students in the classroom.”

Critical Race Theory is a worldview that sees every person and every action always through the lens of race. It teaches that the world is a great power struggle, and that to maintain their dominance, white people invented race as a construct through which they could subjugate nonwhite people.

Its proponents seem allergic to any critique, choosing instead to weed out dissidents. UNC’s School of Journalism, for example, pledged two years ago to “revisit diversity of viewpoint in our definition of diversity” because it “cannot sit side by side without coming into conflict [with racial equity].” And UNC’s Gillings School of Global Public Health last year committed, in writing, to link staff tenure and promotion decisions to their performance in “antiracism” and “equity” trainings.

We don’t think Critical Race Theory is a realistic, or particularly healthy, way of viewing the world and all of the people in it. We certainly don’t believe K-12 schools should be adopting this worldview and presenting it to students as the pure truth. And as it turns out, large numbers of parents – and people of color – agree. From Andrew Sullivan this week:

Elite imposition of the new social justice religion — indoctrinating children in the precepts and premises of critical race and gender theory — has also met ferocious backlash as parents began to absorb what their kids were being taught: that America is a uniquely evil country based forever on white supremacy; that your race is the most important thing about you; that biological sex must be replaced by socially constructed genders of near-infinite number; and that all this needs to be taught in kindergarten. Yes, some of this was politically exploited or hyped by the right. But if you think there is no there there in this concern about schooling, you’re dreaming. Across the country, school boards are thereby in turmoil, with those supporting less ideological education on the march.

UCLA can keep up with its creepy tracker. Thankfully, the university elites don’t decide the direction of our country. That’s up to voters, and they’re voicing overwhelming pushback to the radical worldviews forced on them for the past two years.