See the Full Analysis of Our Exclusive Poll Results

June 8, 2022

We’ve shared bits and pieces over the last few weeks of the results of our poll, conducted May 8-12.

Now we’re releasing the full presentation and expert analysis from Meeting Street Insights.

What are the crosstabs really saying? What do persuadable voters think about abortion? What concerns are top of mind for unaffiliateds?

Answers to these questions and more (along with a few surprises) are in the full, in-depth breakdown.

Take a look: CPR May 2022 Presentation.

Some key takeaways:

  • Midterm elections usually see much lower voter interest levels compared to presidential elections, but voter interest in the 2022 election is identical to 2020;
  • The state legislative generic ballot is in uncharted territory, with Republicans enjoying a +6 advantage — the highest margin we’ve seen since we started polling;
  • Voter sentiment on the state’s direction is the most negative it’s been in our eight years of polling;
  • Opinion on abortion has shifted dramatically since 2014. Back then, 62% of voters were in the “pro-life” bucket compared to 31% of voters in the “pro-choice” bucket. Now, those figures are 43% and 48%, respectively.