March 14, 2022

Like most people, we’ve been following the Russian invasion of Ukraine every day and watching the gut-wrenching slaughter of innocent civilians by Vladimir Putin.

We couldn’t help but be appalled last week by yet another liberal so totally absorbed in their own pet issue that they publicly commented on the invasion through the lens filter of that issue.

Climate czar John Kerry, with well over a million Ukrainians streaming into western Ukraine and Poland while dodging Russian missiles and bombs, made the following painfully tone-deaf statement: “If you think migration has been a problem in Europe from the Syrian war — or even from what we see now [in Ukraine] — wait until you see 100 million people for whom the entire food production capacity has collapsed.”

You remember John Kerry, former U.S. Senator, ran against George W. Bush, was Obama’s Secretary of State who orchestrated the Iranian nuclear deal, and a George Soros buddy.  Kerry is now President Biden’s Special Presidential Envoy on Climate Change.

The New York Post reported that “In the days leading up to the invasion by Moscow last month, Kerry also said that he worried the war would lose “big country attention” on the climate crisis and that he hoped invading Russian President Vladimir Putin would share his concerns about the thawing Siberian tundra.”

No wonder the American people believe the current presidency is out of touch.  Time after time, the Biden team appears to be politically insensitive about real-time policy issues – whether it’s talking down to small-town America about inflation, or highlighting their new electric car programs as an answer to skyrocketing gas prices.

Now Biden’s green policy mouthpiece is making statements that try to put climate change on a par with the suffering Ukrainians are facing – as people all over the world watch in real time on TV and in social media as Ukrainians die, their homeland is being obliterated by Russian bombs, and one of the most serious international crises in our lifetime continues to unfold for our allies in western Europe and maybe the world.

It’s hard to put into words how self-absorbed one must be for John Kerry to say that.

But it appears that’s the mindset of climate change warriors like Kerry and other Biden administration lieutenants.  With the gravity facing America’s foreign policy today, they act like this other international agenda is just as relevant as ever.

We believe the American people think differently, and that’s just another reason why Biden’s poll numbers stay so low.  They ignore the needs and understanding of hard-working, middle-class American families, while pounding their chests and espousing their elitist views of how things should be.

As my daddy used to say, they ought to be ashamed of themselves.