March 2, 2022

Nikole Hannah-Jones is at it again.  Sounding off on the “racialized” media coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and harping on her typical themes, she’s called the coverage “ahistorical.”

You remember Nikole Hannah-Jones.  She was the originator of the New York Times’ controversial 1619 Project that attempted to rewrite America’s early history from a race-based viewpoint – an effort largely scoffed at by real historians for its inaccuracies.

Our liberal friends at UNC-Chapel Hill tried to bring her to North Carolina to run their journalism school, but after that announcement started a media firestorm because of her outrageous past statements, Hannah-Jones instead chose to land at Howard University.

Now, Ms. Hannah-Jones is claiming the vast media coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine is primarily because of the skin color of the Ukrainians.

She retweeted a post this weekend that said, according to the New York Post, that the “’supremacy around the media coverage of [the war] isn’t even subtle’ while sharing a clip of an Al Jazeera report citing the ‘prosperous middle class’ in Ukraine who were desperately trying to board a train to escape the war-ravaged country.”

Then she tweeted out a message of her own: “What if I told you Europe is not a continent by definition, but a geopolitical fiction to separate it from Asia and so the alarm about a European, or civilized, or First World nation being invaded is a dog whistle to tell us we should care because they are like us.” 

Hannah-Jones went on:  “To be clear: We should care about Ukraine. But not because it is European, or the people appear white, or they are ‘civilized’ and not ‘impoverished.”

In another tweet, she made herself even more clear.  “…honestly, these admissions of shock that this is happening in a European country are ahistorical and also serve to justify the lack of sympathy for other invasions, other occupations and other refugee crisis involving peoples not considered white.”

At a time when European countries are united against Russian leader Putin’s bloody aggression like never before, and countries across the world are supporting the Ukrainian people in their courageous stand against an absolutist tyrant, Nikole Hannah-Jones chooses to use this opportunity to talk about the color of people’s skin.

Ukrainian people are dying.  Their cities getting flattened by bombs and missiles from a overpowering bully.  And Putin has threatened using the nuclear option.  But this lady is so overwrought with her pet project that that’s all she can talk about?

My generation in my younger years lived our lives with the omnipresent fear that at any time nuclear war could break out.  It wasn’t an overt thing, not something you thought about all the time, or every day.

But it was always there until the fall of the Soviet Union.  The state of the world today – with Putin threatening nuclear action, and the reality of that actually happening if diplomatic decisions are not handled carefully – just changed.

You can’t see the world the same.  It’s not the same threat as having Al-Queda or ISIS doing terrorist attacks in isolated locales – as terrifying as that can be.  The threat of nuclear war – however “managed” it may be, changes things.

And for Nikole Hannah-Jones to try and make Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine a racial issue should be an outrage to all people who have an ounce of civility.  We should be preaching unity – not things that divide us and break us up.

Can you imagine how embarrassing it would be to have Ms. Hannah-Jones’ constant race-based comments coming out of Chapel Hill?  We’re so pleased she moved on.

May God bless the freedom-loving people of Ukraine as they face overwhelming odds in their struggle to survive against Putin’s weapons of destruction.