February 17, 2022

Reading about John McLaughlin’s latest poll a few days ago, it is amazing the plummet President Biden’s approval numbers have taken.  According to McLaughlin in a radio interview:

“[O]ur last national poll, Joe Biden has a 57-point job disapproval. That’s a drop of 33 points since last April…. “In last April, he had 58% approval.”

“Trump had left him with a growing economy, vaccines; people thought things were going to get better. And instead, they spent. He didn’t have to do anything. And basically, you have now inflation, gas prices going up, food prices going up, you have shortages, you have foreign policy concerns in terms of, not just giving away Afghanistan, surrendering Afghanistan, but Ukraine, and now you’ve got issues at the border, issues of a national crime wave combined with a war on police.”

“So, Biden, his disapproval is now high among people that voted for him. It’s 22% of the people who voted for him — they disapprove; 22% of Democrats disapprove; 25% of liberals disapprove; 25% among African-Americans; 15% among Hispanics; 52% among women; 45% among urban voters. His base is cracking up.”

John’s survey captured the discontent of a leaderless America.

In the 2020 election, Joe Biden sold a politically exhausted public a bill of goods that he would work for a nicer, united America.  And gave them the impression that his goal was simply to help us all try to get along.

Nothing could have been further from the truth.  From Day One – Biden’s presidency has been a full-on, relentless drive to the Left.  With proposal after proposal designed to radically change America.  And left the American people wondering, “What happened?”

Biden’s liberal handlers – essentially the old Obama A-Team – came in and laid out a liberal master plan to make Biden into what some are calling another Franklin D. Roosevelt, touting his own New Deal – this time tied to the visions of the global internationalists’ Great Reset, with climate change at its core.

What a disaster.  The Obama crowd thought they could pull this off with a puppet leader in charge that they could manipulate.  But they were wrong.

The American people sniffed out the phoniness and have realized they’ve been handed the real Joe Biden – the street-fighter politician with the checkered record of cheating and plagiarism throughout his career.  NOT sweet old “Uncle Joe.”


Remember that Joe Biden – who was prone to plagiarize in law school?  The 1988 presidential campaign when he borrowed language from Bobby Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey?  And when he absorbed the bio of British Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock to jazz up his own story?

Those character flaws should have kept Joe Biden a low-level Senator at best.  But now he’s President of the United States.

Could it be that this lack of character and core integrity is what the American people are now sensing that’s at the root of the leadership crisis we’re witnessing firsthand in America?

And what a price we’re paying.  Skyrocketing gas prices, spiraling inflation like we’ve not seen in 40 years, Russia back to its old tricks, consumer shortages, illegals being dispersed across America by our own government, and weakness in foreign policy watched by the rest of the world epitomized by the tone-deaf execution of the military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Leadership Vacuum

All because there’s a vacuum of leadership at the top of our government.  It feels so reminiscent of the dark days of the 1970s when another weak leader named Jimmy Carter announced a national “malaise” amid high inflation, steep gas prices and shortages, and a directionless foreign policy.  Oh yeah – and truckers on CBs became folk heroes as they took a stand protesting high oil prices.

What is amazing is how this collapse has happened in little over a year.  The White House now has President Biden reaching back into his bag of old political tactics and standing up to reporters and pundits with a street-tough stance.  The other day he accused a well-known NBC reporter of trying to be a “wise guy” for questioning him on inflation.  And called a Fox News reporter a “stupid son of a b****” a few weeks ago.

The problem for Biden is his shift is so far to the left it has middle America scratching their heads.

The “middle” – those Unaffiliated voters that helped elect him – has been abandoned.  And from the looks of it, according to the numbers in Johnny McLaughlin’s poll, right much of his core base has too.

Those voters seem to know something’s wrong with how Biden’s policies have increased inflation – devastating to low-income families, and how since the Woke crowd pushed to defund the police, crime ramped up in urban areas.  These voters were probably tired of Trump in 2020, but they weren’t ready in 2021 for the great leap to socialism and elitism that Biden’s architects drew up.

The picture facing our country today isn’t very hopeful.  Our country is facing real crisis and the stakes are high.

Threats of war, record-breaking inflation, gas prices through the roof, record-high homicides and criminals walking out of stores in broad daylights carrying away goods.  Oh, and let’s add COVID stresses and the on-going vaccine/mask skirmish that’s affecting businesses, government offices and schools every day and are taking a huge toll on everyday American families.

The failed leadership in Washington is such a contrast compared to the sound, stable leadership our Reform Majority has provided in the NC General Assembly.  Fiscally prudent, conservative in principle, with leadership that has provided an atmosphere for growth and opportunity.  At the federal level, on the other hand the Biden White House has provided a political science lesson: How to muck up America – 101.

For our country’s sake, we can only hope and pray for a better day, for honest leadership and a new yearning for truth.  And that somehow President Biden discovers the NC Reform Majority’s model of leadership.