Redistricting Plaintiffs Spent Millions To Elect Democrats

February 1, 2022

If you’ve seen even a sampling of the wall-to-wall redistricting coverage coming out of Raleigh, you know a lot stinks about the fight before the state Supreme Court.

Here’s something that smells especially fishy but hasn’t made its way into media reports.  If you take a look at contribution records, the plaintiffs suing for “nonpartisan” districts spent millions to elect Democrats in 2020.

The League of Conservation Voters spent over $2 million to try to flip the State House and Senate in the last election cycle.  In fact, since 2016, that group has spent more than $5 million to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in North Carolina.  And that number doesn’t include the money that can’t be traced – money that is spent by independent expenditure groups – so it could be much higher.

Because their millions of dollars in contributions didn’t accomplish their goals, the League of Conservation Voters appear to have moved on to Plan B.  They’re asking the NC Supreme Court to not only throw out the legislature’s redistricting map, but to implement a map with the League’s own districts instead.  The group says it drew districts with a nonpartisan algorithm – that they refuse to release to the public.

So a superpartisan environmental activist group who has spent millions of dollars in recent yeart trying to elect Democrats is now trying to get us to buy that they’re non-partisan.

We’re not buying it.  And the districts they’ve drawn which, oh by the way, they drew with a process they won’t reveal – we’re not buying that either.

So the League of Conservation Voter wants us to trust that they’re the new “nonpartisan” guardians of Democracy.

We have reasons to doubt. Millions of reasons.