Special Budget Supplement Boosts Teachers in Low-Income Counties

November 22, 2021

A new $100 million fund of recurring money has been created by the legislature in the state budget that will increase teacher supplements in low-wealth counties that are not able to match salaries in wealthier counties.  The new Supplementary Fund will enable less affluent counties to increase teacher pay and hold on to staff.

It’s a real game changer for many areas of our state that often feel left behind.

The supplement was created to help counties that don’t have the ability to provide high local teacher supplements like the urban counties do.  Lower-wealth counties have a significant problem with teachers that live in their county commuting to work in high-wealth counties that already provide a significant salary supplement.

Here’s what the legislation addresses.  Currently, the average local teacher supplement for the following urban counties is:

  • Buncombe: $7,299
  • Durham: $7,009
  • Guilford: $4,927
  • Mecklenburg: $8,773
  • Wake: $8,873

Now look at the average local teacher supplement of these lower-wealth, rural counties:

  • Alleghany: $500
  • Ashe: $600
  • Caswell: $0
  • Clay: $24
  • Graham: $0
  • Mitchell: $108
  • Swain: $0

The added funds from the Supplementary Fund will allow low-wealth counties like these to compete and hire high-quality teachers.

This is the kind of tangible, real-time help the Reform Majority is continuing to address to provide for good teachers and give our school children the best quality education our state can provide.  Legislative leaders recognize the needs that schoolchildren and K-12 families have in poorer counties and have provided a reasonable solution to address those needs in this budget.