November 17, 2021

Sometimes politics is a game of Connect-the-Dots.  Marc Elias is a veteran Democrat lawyer well-known for his specialty at election law, voting rights and redistricting cases.  He was general counsel for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential race and had the same role for John Kerry’s Presidential race in 2004.  More recently he was the lead Democrat lawyer contesting voter fraud allegations in 2020 and 2021 in the Trump-Biden election.

He’s been around.  Now he’s the guy bringing a lawsuit contesting the redistricting maps newly passed by the NC General Assembly.  An organization formed by Elias announced that a group of voters who successfully challenged previous NC maps will try to do it again and undo the latest round of maps.

Republicans currently hold an 8-5 edge in Congressional districts in North Carolina over Democrats.  The result of the legislature’s map-drawing process was a prognosis that Republicans would build on that count in the next election with the new maps. In its complaint, Elias’ group, Democracy Docket, stated that “the 2021 Plan is an intentional, extreme partisan gerrymander that dilutes Democratic votes and prevents Democratic voters from electing candidates of their choice.”  Elias is noted for his dramatic and outrageous claims, in this case calling the new maps “indefensible” and “a grotesque partisan gerrymander.”

Elias is no stranger to North Carolina.  He has a law degree and a Master’s from Duke University.  And you may remember he was directly involved in the sneaky, behind-the-scenes deal cut with the State Board of Elections and NC Attorney General Josh Stein in the run-up to the 2020 election that stretched the number of days absentee ballot mail could be accepted after Election Day from three to nine days.  That was one of the outrageous acts of last-minute, vote manipulation hijinks in the country and it happened right here – more than likely orchestrated by Mr. Elias.

By the way, you may have seen Elias’ name mentioned in area news in another way in the last few weeks.  He was hired by Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe to handle election law duties in the last days of his loss a couple of weeks ago in Virginia.  A National Review article stated Elias was paid more than $50,000 to join the campaign’s last days to deal with possible legal challenges to election results. National Review described Elias as “the legal mastermind most responsible for the left-wing push to subvert our democracy, overturn elections, and destroy election integrity.”

So if you bump into Marc Elias braying with his buddies in downtown Raleigh any time soon – tell somebody, sound the alarm, do something.  He’s probably up to no good.