October 12, 2021

It’s always amusing to see the media pontificators squirm.  They set themselves up as latter-day Oracles of Delphi, then when the tables turn and the media kitchen gets too hot, they’re the first to scram.

Case in point, a couple of weeks ago, another of the current polls (HPU poll, Sept. 10-24, 2021) hit the airwaves, showing Joe Biden dropping like a rock.  A WRAL online reporter named Maggie Brown covered the story with the headline: “HPU poll: Joe Biden’s approval rating among North Carolinians below 40%.”

The article highlighted the poll’s results, showing Biden with only a 38% Approval rating in North Carolina – while suffering from a 48% Disapproval rating.

The poll numbers were the lowest for Biden since his election and clearly were a negative he didn’t need.

All of a sudden – just a few hours later – the story was withdrawn from the WRAL website.

Breitbart News checked in with WRAL and asked why the article was taken down and was this some sort of cover-up because Biden’s poll numbers were so bad.  An editor for the WRAL news organization told Breitbart News said WRAL “is not interested in polls about the president of the United States since there is not currently election going on.”

When Breitbart pushed the editor to respond, the WRAL spokesman stated that WRAL “is not interested in polls.”  And said “there is no election going on now” and “there’s no reason to be writing polls, polling stories.”

That, dear friend, is laughable.

WRAL has covered poll movement in non-election years.  We randomly checked back a few years and found a WRAL article about a PPP poll that showed approval and disapproval poll numbers in 2013 – a non-election year.

So why did they cover-up the story of Joe Biden’s worsening poll numbers?

They had a job to do.  In recently years, WRAL has taken over the mantle of King of the Liberal Press in North Carolina – a title once held by the News & Observer for years and years.

When the poll story hit the website, word apparently must have come down from on high at WRAL Central that “we can’t have those numbers out there on our website” – what will people think?

We’ll probably never know what really happened there.

But what is happening with voters is Joe Biden can’t escape the facts of what’s going on with his presidency.  He’s been getting pummeled for weeks and is crumpling from the blows in national polls.

The border immigration crisis, his bumbling leadership in the evacuation from Afghanistan, Biden’s ludicrous claims that his trillion dollar price tag for legislation he’s pushing in Congress will cost taxpayers “zero”, and the way his campaign promises of unity have dissolved into even more division driven by his and Vice President Kamala Harris’ approach to so many issues – all have contributed to Biden’s dropping numbers.  The national Quinnipiac Poll, taken October 1-4, showed Biden at 38% Approval and 53% Disapproval.

Other factors that have grown worse since Biden became president have people looking for leadership.  Inflation rose faster in August than it had in 30 years.  There are shortages cropping up everywhere, leaving grocery and retail store shelves empty.  Gasoline prices are at a 7-year high.  Natural gas prices are at a 13-year high.

And with public anxiety over all this growing – we have a President with 38% Approval ratings.

No wonder WRAL took a dive and pulled down those poll numbers!

Oh, by the way – after a day of embarrassment over their action, WRAL put the story back on the website.  Guess they realized it was newsworthy.