October 4, 2021

Now it’s all getting clearer.  At a debate a little over a week ago in the Virginia Governor’s race to be decided this fall, Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe said parents should not have control over what schools teach their children.

That’s right.  The left-of-center candidate for governor is no Johnny-come-lately to politics.  He’s the former Virginia Governor from 2014 to 2018 and was a Bill Clinton political crony from way back, serving as a chair of both Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign and Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign for President.  He knows his way around politics and his statements show just how far left things are going.

That a candidate for public office would say that parents should not have control over what schools teach and that those decisions should be entirely up to school administrators and education experts is appalling.


In Virginia recently, concerned and outraged parents have spoken up at school board meetings questioning what is going on in their schools.

In Loudon County, the teaching of Critical Race Theory was on the table with parents concerned that their children were being coerced to accept the divisive assertions of this radical theory.  In the gubernatorial debate, it was mentioned that in Fairfax County, Virginia, parents were shocked to learn how much sexually-explicit material there was in the school library.

The last thing the left-wing education establishment wants is for parents to get active and go behind the curtain to see what’s really being taught in public schools and who’s doing the teaching.  That’s why we’ve suggested that an action item for state legislators in North Carolina is to call for more transparency at every level of public schools – especially which teachers are members of the NCAE teachers union.

Why is that important?


The NCAE teachers union’s national affiliate – the National Education Association (NEA) – is tied in with this whole push to solidify their power by not wanting parents involved in what is being taught to their children.  The NEA doesn’t want parents running for election to school boards and they certainly don’t want them walking the halls of schools asking what’s going on.

Back in July, 2021, the NEA at its annual Representative Assembly meeting passed a measure that it “will research the organizations attacking educators doing anti-racist work and/or use the research already done and put together a list of resources and recommendations for state affiliates, locals, and individual educators to utilize when they are attacked.”

Indeed, a New York Post article stated that “The teachers union has nationalized critical race theory and committed to the full range of left-wing radicalism, including opposition to “capitalism” and “anthropocentrism.”

National Review revealed that another group, the American Federation of Teachers “has added $2.5 million to their legal fund to “defend” teachers who insist on breaking the law and indoctrinating students against the will of their parents — even while insisting that CRT is not being taught.”


But the most disturbing information that parents are dealing with now firsthand across the country is the same approach that Christopher Rufo revealed earlier this year from documents he received from a Wake County School teacher training program in 2020 (of all places) where teachers were told to ignore parents’ concerns and force CRT principles on the children they taught.

According to the article on Rufo’s findings in American Thinker, the teachers’ conference had “lessons on “whiteness,” “toxic masculinity,” “microaggressions,” “trauma-informed yoga,” and “applied critical race theory.”  Conference leaders encouraged “educators to form ‘equity teams’ in schools and push the new party line: ‘antiracism.’”  They were told they must “challenge the dominant ideology” of “whiteness” and “disrupt” white culture.

And most scintillating: “You can’t let parents deter you from the work.”  A teacher asked “what do we do with parent push back?” Answer: “White parent’s children are benefitting from the system.  They are perceiving they are going to lose something. Fear of loss. Hard to let go of power/privilege. Loss of power.”  It’s a message of division, hostility and separation.  Not what you’d hope from teachers who impact your children’s lives for multiple hours a day.

So it’s not surprising to hear Mr. McAuliffe’s answer in the Virginia debate when he said parents should not have control over what their children learn in school.  This isn’t Bernie Sanders, AOC or some other leftwing extremist.

We’re at a point in this country where it seems the entire left side of the political world believes government, in the form of school educators, knows what’s better for children than their parents.

Let that sink in.  And think of the ramifications for our children, our families and our future.