September 16, 2021

Plato supposedly once said, “Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods. And the one man that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.”

Think that one might fit the days we live in today?

The “Cancel culture” crowd doesn’t want healthy discussion.  They want to shut up whoever disagrees with them.

In much the same way, the “woke” crowd is judge and jury on who they decide is racist.  Their answer to change things:  to create division and hostility with their teachings of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools and human resource departments of businesses.  Their mantra:  Stay woke and stay angry.

The NC General Assembly voted to pass legislation (HB 324) to try and curb the lurch to the Left in our education system as our schools are being urged to embrace CRT.  Then last week, Governor Cooper VETOED the bill.

Why?  You would think Cooper would want our children to learn in a positive atmosphere.  But that doesn’t seem to be important to him as he called the legislation “conspiracy-laden politics.”

Here’s what HB324 does.  It does not permit public schools to force students “to affirm or profess belief in” several discriminatory concepts that are part of the Critical Race Theory’s class warfare principles.  It even says it’s the right thing to do to educate all our children about North Carolina’s racial past and all of its ugliness, including the cruelties of slavery, the Wilmington riots, and the Jim Crow era.”  In other words – tell the truth – an admirable thing.

NC Senate Leader Phil Berger said: “It’s perplexing that Gov. Cooper would veto a bill that affirms the public school system’s role to teach students the full truth about our state’s sometimes ugly past. His invented excuse is so plainly refuted by the text of the bill that I question whether he even read it.”

Sen. Berger continued, “More broadly, Democrats’ choice to oppose a bill saying schools can’t force kids to believe one race is superior to another really shows how far off the rails the mainstream Democratic Party has gone.”

Senator Berger’s probably right.  The Governor probably didn’t even read the legislation.  Instead he had a knee-jerk reaction to anything the NCAE teachers union opposed – without any real concern for what goes on in the classroom and the coercive pressure many teachers are feeling from CRT-infused school administrators.

This indifference to school children and their parents by the Governor is similar to what happened earlier this year when he turned a deaf ear to distraught parents concerned that their children needed in-person learning – and instead bowed to the wishes as always to the political power and money of the NCAE labor bosses.

Unfortunately, there are not enough votes to override the Governor’s veto – but we must not forget how little regard he has shown the families of North Carolina who are anxious about the hostile and negative setting in which their children are forced to learn in our public schools.