August 27, 2021

How refreshing to see action exposing the teaching of Critical Race Theory in North Carolina.

Liberals for months have claimed there is no agenda of indoctrination going on in North Carolina forcing teachers and school leaders to teach CRT and its doctrine of division and hostility, and that coerces students to accept those beliefs.

A task force formed by NC Lt. Governor Mark Robinson called the F.A.C.T.S. (Fairness and Accountability in the Classroom for Teachers and Students) Task Force – which focuses on “exposing indoctrination in the classroom and ensuring that our students are taught how to think — not what to think” – issued a report on Tuesday before a NC Senate committee that shows otherwise.

The report supplies anecdotal evidence that shows teachers are feeling pressure to teach CRT and that there is a fear among teachers that they may suffer repercussions if they don’t.

A press release from the NC Senate included some of the examples:

“The N.C. Governor’s School showed students a picture of a white male and said he is the “prince of privilege.”

A seventh-grade teacher in Asheville reportedly told a student he was wrong for submitting an assignment asserting merit matters more than skin color or sex.

A Wake County Public School System document reportedly lists the phrase “we’re just one human family” as an example of “covert white supremacy.”

Teachers exhibited their fears in the report:

“I am a NC public school teacher . . . The leftist political activism in our school system is real. Many of us are too afraid to lose our careers and reputations by speaking up against it.”

 “Anyone who speaks up is afraid they will be ‘canceled’ or ‘terminated’ because they have a different opinion. This is not the work environment we should be exposed to or the environment our students should be presented with when they enter the classroom.”

We could go on but you get the point and can review the links to see more evidence.

No one – a teacher in fear of losing their job, or a student who knows better but can’t get up and leave a class – should have to deal with this coercion and pressure.  Not to mention the time spent in the classroom advocating for this political agenda that should be spent on teaching real education.

Lt. Governor Robinson is to be applauded for the thankless task of uprooting this leftist agenda that the Left claims doesn’t exist.  This is an issue that is fundamental attack on our educational system and embodies so many of the wrong elements of the liberals’ attack on American values and institutions.

Schools are not the only place CRT and the woke agenda are at work.  We hear stories of corporate boardrooms and HR departments rife with subtle actions driven by the woke agenda.  Free enterprise is under attack from the cancel culture tied in with this agenda.  Churches, non-profit organizations, and the list goes on and on are dealing with it.

But let’s get back to our schools and most importantly the children.  As Senate Leader Phil Berger said the other day, Students must not be forced to adopt an ideology that is separate and distinct from history; an ideology that promotes ‘present discrimination’ – so long as it’s against the right people – as ‘antiracist.‘”

And in another conversation, Senator Berger said:  “The Democratic Party position is that this doctrine ‘doesn’t exist’ in schools. Not only is that plainly untrue, but teachers who object to the doctrine fear for their careers. This is not an acceptable state of affairs.”

That is about as clear as you can get.  The NC Senate has since passed legislation to slow down this type of indoctrination.  We need more efforts that expose the truth to parents of school children and the general public.

Most people can’t imagine the real truth about who is teaching our children and what they’re teaching.  We need more legislation that provides transparency on teachers and what they teach.

We hope that the efforts of Lt. Gov. Robinson and Senate Leader Berger and other leaders in the General Assembly continue to stand tall and help slow the tide.