August 20, 2021

Our friends at the John Locke Foundation released results this week from their latest August Civitas poll showing President Joe Biden sliding down an increasingly slippery slope.

Biden’s approval rating is only 42% while his disapproval rating is 53% – up five points since June.  One key point is that of the 53% who disapprove – 48% Strongly Disapprove.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ numbers are worse.  Her disapproval rating is about the same – 42% – but her approval numbers are only at 34%.  In anybody’s book – not good.

If there ever was a honeymoon period – it is clearly over and done

The poll conducted by Cygnal questioned the views of 600 likely NC voters between August 13th and 16th.  And of course, the news out of Afghanistan certainly had an impact on the impressions of voters.

Moving on – Governor Roy Cooper’s approval numbers have dropped as well.  Cooper’s favorable approval rating has dropped to 45% – down 4% since June and 8% since May.  His disapproval rating stands at 45% as well – with 33% strongly disapproving of his performance.

A key figure that stands out in the Civitas survey is Cooper’s standing with Unaffiliated voters – who only give him a 31% rating.  With Unaffiliated voters have become such an important force in NC politics these days, that is a number to be reckoned with.  Cooper is also weak with rural voters – with only a 33% approval rating.

Locke Foundation poll analysts point out another troubling revelation from the poll for Cooper concerning COVID – “Adding to the governor’s troubles is that 44% of likely voters say they don’t trust him when it comes to recommendations made to improve health during COVID-19. Fifty-two percent do.”

With the recent increase in COVID/Delta variation cases – it will be interesting to see how this affects his influence in the future.  Especially on decisions affecting NC school children.

On a question the Civitas poll has asked for years – Republicans have an edge over Democrats on their generic ballot preference – with 48% of likely voters said they will vote for a Republican for the General Assembly in 2022, while 44% said they will choose a Democrat.  On the generic Congressional ballot question, the results were identical:  48% Republican to 44% Democrat. As redistricting unfolds in coming days for both NC General Assembly seats and Congressional districts, it will be fascinating to see this play out.

Concerning face mask mandates for school children, “55% of likely voters said they support requiring students to wear masks – with 36% opposed and 10% unsure or having no preference.”

On the question who should be making the decision concerning requiring masks – 45% said the responsibility rests with parents, 11% said local school districts should decide and 8% said school administrators.

Overall – these numbers reflect somewhat what one might expect in an off-year election period after a Presidential election year victory.  As redistricting is followed by filing for office by candidates in December – these numbers will be more and more important to watch.