Transparency in Education

July 23, 2021

Here’s an idea.  With the NCAE teachers union such a muscular force in the education decision-making of our children, shouldn’t there be more transparency in education in North Carolina?  Shouldn’t parents know if their students’ teachers are members of NCAE and all that means before they make the decision to send their children to that school?

Transparency has been at the top of the list in public policy discussions for years.  Folks are still asking for more transparency on their medical bills – so they don’t have “surprise” billing for procedures and we’ve talked for years about transparency so people can shop the widely varying cost for the same procedure from hospital to hospital.

We want transparency at all stages of government, in public safety, energy and all the big picture issues we care about.  Why not more transparency in the education of our children?

Right now, we see more stories every day how the education establishment appears to have an agenda of its own where the educational needs of parents and children are far down the totem pole from the preeminent goal of the NCAE – power and control.

They and the radical Left in our state are engaged in social engineering with our children.  And our state’s leaders are concerned with the direction education is headed.

Last week, Senate Leader Phil Berger held a press conference announcing that the NC Senate would be taking up legislation that would prevent public schools from “indoctrinating” students with concepts rooted in the Critical Race Theory – saying “students must not be forced to adopt an ideology that is separate and distinct from history; an ideology that attacks ‘the very foundations of the liberal order,’ and that promotes ‘present discrimination’ — so long as it’s against the right people — as ‘antiracist’.”

Other items in the education bureaucracy are coming to light.  The website has uncovered a deeper picture of what’s going on in education at levels that parents do not see.  They need to know more about Governor Cooper’s appointee to the State Board of Education and his views.  They need to know about the Oak Foundation and its influence on NC education. They need to know more about NCDPI’s Transformative Social Emotional learning and its views on the new buzz word “equity.”

Should parents have to dig and probe the Internet to be made aware of these things?  No.

Shouldn’t parents know if the teachers in charge of their children many hours a day are members of the group that tried to keep their children from having in-person, classroom teaching this year and that backs many of the radical teaching concepts being thrust on students today.


As we always say, there are many wonderful teachers in North Carolina who are dedicated to their craft and who deliver quality education to the students and families of our state.  But then there’s the NCAE and the political agenda they are dedicated to.

There should be more transparency in education.  Enough said.  Let’s let the geniuses downtown figure out how.