Will Parents of Children in School Remember?

July 7, 2021

Before all the stir associated with UNC-CH’s misadventure with Ms. Nikole Hannah-Jones, one of the biggest issues affecting North Carolina’s families was the iron-fisted grip the NCAE teachers union had on Governor Cooper and how that control kept children across North Carolina from having in-person instruction in their schools since the COVID pandemic faded in our state this spring.

It was a travesty that angered parents long-frustrated with the education power structure that turned our children’s education and mental health into a political football.

The results showed up recently in the June Civitas Poll’s latest numbers.  The poll of likely NC voters revealed that when asked whether they believed education in North Carolina was headed in the right direction or had gotten off on the wrong track.

55% said education was off on the wrong track – while only 26% said it was going in the right direction.  Here’s what really gets your attention:

If you looked at the surveyed voters who were parents of school-aged children – the survey showed that 69% said our education was headed in the wrong direction!

The poll then asked whether classroom instruction in North Carolina’s schools had gotten more or less political.  65% said that in the last five years that education had gotten more political compared to only 4% who believed it was less political.

That is so sad.  And we believe it is a clear signal that the determined union bosses that control the NCAE teachers union have turned our schools into a social experiment in radical theory with our children as guinea pigs.

The parents know it.  This survey shows it’s not a partisan thing – there’s too many respondents in the majority.  And what’s clear is the parents with children have a crystal clear picture of what’s really going on.  (We forgot to mention that of the respondees who were parents with kids in school, 73% of those respondees believed classrooms have become more political.

Our friend Terry Stoops, education expert over at the John Locke Foundation said about the survey’s findings: “The public’s perception of politicization in the classroom is unmistakable and could have an impact on the high level of dissatisfaction.  Fortunately, Republican lawmakers have proposed legislation that would begin to address concerns about politicization and indoctrination in the classroom.”

Governor Cooper and his NCAE allies turned the lives of North Carolina families with children upside down by not allowing school-age children not to go back to in-person instruction – when private schools, charter schools and others had returned to positive, healthy education environment long before.

It will be interesting if these families whose children suffered needlessly in these last months will forget what the Left’s political agenda did to their families and their children.