July 5, 2021

As I wrote this last night on Independence Day – July 4th – fireworks were blasting away outside and the dog was headed for the closet.

A lot of folks that celebrate the 4th don’t pay a bit of attention to the significance of the day and though it’s important to me, that’s just fine.  Just a year or so ago, we weren’t as concerned about fireworks as we were outright fires being set in the streets of big city North Carolina and around the country by the Hate America crowd as they protested by destroying private property.  I’ll take happy people blowing up fireworks any day compared to that – even though my old friends at the NCDOI could give you amazingly valid arguments against them.

Hopefully, last year’s negativity and hatefulness is behind us and we can continue to celebrate the reopening of our economy, job regeneration and the rebirth that’s come from the pandemic ashes of 2020.

As we celebrate with zeal the happiness that comes with being free of masks and being able to be around friends and neighbors and hug and laugh again, it’s important to not take for granted the freedoms we cherish.

We saw a slight glimpse last year of what happens when COVID shutdowns caused our freedom of movement to be taken away, how service-oriented businesses were stifled to the point of closing, how government controlled how families undertook their children’s education, and on and on and on.  We saw our freedom of the press limited as the national press manipulate the news not by what they said but by not reporting many things that should have been newsworthy.

There were stories of religious freedom being under attack.  And of course, the basic role of government – public safety – took a hit as the radicals’ call for defunding the police threatened how our police do their job keeping us safe.

So as we enjoy that last bit of fireworks tonite and many relax on a day off tomorrow, remember the freedoms we have today because of the American Revolution.  And what those great patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence in July, 1776 were willing to give up when they signed that paper:

“…we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

Finally – the American Revolution is a favorite part of history of ours, and we recommend a few books if you are interested in the basics of what it was all about.  Here goes:

The Birth of the Republic             Edmund S. Morgan

This book is an excellent, short overview of the Revolution.  It is easy to understand and gives a great history of the period covering the Whys and Hows of the struggle.  At the same time, knowing it was written by one of the best Revolutionary historians gives confidence you’re getting the real thing.

The Creation of the American Republic 1776 – 1787        Gordon S. Wood

Gordon Wood is a renowned historian (you may have heard his name before as one of the historians who criticized Nikole Hannah-Jones’ 1619 Project as inaccurate).  Wood gives a thorough examination of the Revolution from Declaration to Constitution and reveals everything you need to know about why and how we became the Shining City on a Hill that America has become.

Paul Revere’s Ride                         David Hackett Fischer

An excellent and meticulous story of the real story of Paul Revere’s Ride – which is much better and more thrilling than the simple story we learned as kids.  Using an amazing number of first person stories and documentation, David Hackett Fischer, gives an almost exhaustingly thorough retelling of this great event in our history.

Washington’s Crossing                 David Hackett Fischer

Fischer again gives a brilliant examination of the events that lead up to the famous picture of Washington’s Crossing and defeat of the British across New Jersey after evacuating New York City steps away from British forces.  With the truth more thrilling than a Ludlum spy novel, the true stories give so much depth to what really happened in the every day battles of the American Revolution and the sacrifice given by so many for the cause.

I also want to recommend to you an article you should read that gives a sense of what this wonderful holiday means to those around the world who have come here for freedom and for those around the world who dream of freedom – our greatest export.  If you get a chance tomorrow, read Young Americans Need To Appreciate the Good Fortune They Take For Granted for a great, slightly different perspective on our national holiday.

Happy Independence Day!