Ms. Hannah-Jones – Come On Down

July 2, 2021

By a 9-4 vote, the UNC-CH Board of Trustees voted Wednesday to grant tenure to reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones for her new job at the University’s Journalism School.

Here are some thoughts.  First, we repeat the question “Why did the UNC-CH trustees think it was a good idea to bring such an inflammatory lightning rod activist to their campus in the first place?

Having decided it was a good idea to have Ms. Hannah-Jones in Chapel Hill, the trustees made a proposal that she would come to UNC on a five-year, fixed term contract as a professor with a $180,000 salary paid by NC taxpayers – and still keep her job at the New York Times, according to the News and Observer.

Now, after weeks of threats, protests and demonstrations, the students at UNC have learned a valuable lesson: that you can intimidate supposedly reasonable people and get your way if you are loud enough, bold enough and make a big enough scene.

So unless Ms. Hannah-Jones decides otherwise, it looks like she’s coming down to UNC for her lucrative part-time job.

With Ms. Hannah-Jones moonlighting in Chapel Hill, she’ll likely stir up a continuous campaign of divisiveness and intimidation in North Carolina.  She surely will be a welcomed champion for the radical Left in the state – who lost their leader when Rev. William Barber left for the national scene.

She’ll serve an important purpose.  Like AOC and her Squad in Congress, vociferous spokespeople like Ms. Hannah-Jones, with their outlandish claims and outrageous statements, help clarify for the common-sense, middle-class, silent majority what is prudent, wise and sensible when they realize how far-fetched and absurd the radical Left’s theories and proposals really are.

So we welcome Ms. Hannah-Jones.  Now that she’s all tenured up – come on down.