June 8, 2021

Last Wednesday afternoon, thunderstorms in the area created a power surge at my house.  The power didn’t go out.  But next thing I knew, we realized the power surge caused the cable and Internet to go down.  So many repairmen were tied up, it was Saturday noon before I got it fixed.  After three days of a much quieter existence, we were ecstatic to get it all working again.

Then Saturday night came and we realized it was getting really warm in the house.  Apparently the surge had affected the air conditioning as well, and by the time the HVAC man came Monday at noon, we had experienced life in the “olden days” with fans running full speed and doors wide open at night to let in some cool air.

When the air finally cooled down, we were so appreciative for the AC – and all the modern conveniences that make our lives so pleasant. And realized how dependent we are for so many of our necessities – like the Internet and cable.

I was struck as I was thanking the good Lord for getting us back on track by how we take so many things for granted.  And thought about how many people don’t have these conveniences. This past year’s pandemic slowed a lot of people down and forced us all to take stock of our blessing and the many little things that we take for granted in our lives.

I did a quick review in my mind of some of the things we think about in public life that we take for granted.

Until the protests last year and the leftist cries to Defund the Police, most people took it for granted that the police would always be there and would come for any call.  As we mentioned in past blogs, that’s not necessarily true any more.  At least in Asheville, where the loss of police officers due to the protest environment, and the fact that the City of Asheville cut its public safety budget $770,000 last year has to have citizens wondering if they are safe any more.

The recent gas shortage due to the cyberattacks showed how much we take for granted the safety of our gas supply line and the cyberworld that controls all of our commerce these days.

We took for granted that the education of our children was just going to happen.  We had assumed that teachers wanted to teach our children in person and that their NCAE teachers union bosses wanted them to teach our children.  Unfortunately, and sadly, we found out that politics was more important to them and that our children did not come first.

Until the 2016 and 2020 elections, we took for granted that American elections were typically on the up and up. And believed voter fraud and abuse only happened in Third World countries. Now, with so many ways for citizens to cast their vote, our election system is under fire and has lost the public’s confidence.  So now the NC General Assembly is taking steps to bring about more election reform.

Senate leaders announced they were taking elements of the Elections Integrity Act and separating them into three bills.

  1. The first is the Make Election Day the Election Deadline which would bring NC in consistency with other states so that absentee ballots would have to be in by Election Day – and do away with allowing ballots to come in three days after the Election, like it is now. That’s a no-brainer.  As Sen. Paul Newton says, “Every day that passes without a declared winner just breeds suspicions and conspiracy theories in people’s minds.
  2. The next would Prohibit Private Funding of Elections Administration.  That’s pretty clear since private interests paying for vote collection and counting naturally raises questions and suspicions about election and vote integrity.
  3. Finally, there is a bill to Fund Mobile Voter ID Units and Permit Online Voter Registration. This would help fund mobile units to go out to voters’ homes and create free voter identification cards to take away the argument that Voter ID cards are too hard to come by for some people who can’t leave their homes.  The bill also allows for online voter registration and provides visually impaired voters with ballot access.

We have learned in recent times that we can’t take anything for granted in today’s America.  And the right to a free, fair and honest election is one of those things.  There are too many folks working overtime to bring down our free enterprise system, turn the education of our children into a political indoctrination tool, attack free speech and our other First Amendment rights, to take the American system most of us grew up with for granted any more.

Thoughtful folks must work hard to read and pay attention to what’s happening in our churches, our schools and government and cling to the principles we value to protect us as our world gets harder to understand every day.