June 7, 2021

Who said Defunding the Police wouldn’t have a real-life impact on businesses and families.

In Asheville, after losing 84 police officers since the beginning of 2020, the Asheville Police Department announced last week that they would no longer be responding to 10 kinds of calls.

Asheville Police Chief David Zack called the situation a “crisis” and told a City Council committee on public safety that “more service cuts are likely as APD struggles to fill vacancies that now amount to 30% of the 238 sworn officer positions,” according to the Asheville Citizen Times.

The Chief stated that he had lost 50% of his detectives.

An investigative report by the newspaper showed “the APD officer attrition rate, formerly one per month, jumped to 7.5 per month in the four months after local protests set off by Minneapolis police murdering Black resident George Floyd. Those figures now show that rather than dropping, attrition has remained high, at nearly six per month.”

The 10 items that will not be responded to by APD include:

  • Theft under $1,000 where there is no suspect information (this does not include stolen vehicles or guns)
  • Theft from a vehicle where there is no suspect information
  • Minimal damage and/or graffiti to property where there is no suspect information
  • Non-life threatening harassing phone calls (does not include incidents that are related to domestic violence and/or stalking)
  • Fraud, scams, or identity theft
  • Simple assaults that are reported after they have occurred
  • Reports that do not require immediate police actions and/or enforcement (information only reports)
  • Funeral escorts
  • Lost/found property
  • Trespassing where the property owner does not want to press charges

A policing expert quoted in the article “warned that not responding to low-level crimes could cause an escalation in more serious offenses.”

Looks like the Defund the Police crowd may just be winning.