May 7, 2021

Well, the NCAE and the educational establishment is fighting back.  Stung by the outpouring of contempt and anger from frustrated parents upset at not being given the choice to allow their children to learn at in-school settings at their school, the NCAE teachers union has apparently begun a counterattack.

The News & Observer as usual is trumpeting their message – trotting out an editorial going after the Reform Majority’s support of Opportunity Scholarships for families who want to send their children to better schools in a safer environment.  It looks like the NCAE allies are looking for any education message to change the storyline and get NC citizens to focus on something other than the public relations disaster they’ve suffered this year as the teachers union basically refused to go back to school and browbeat Governor Cooper into not listening to parent’s concerns.

As you know, the Opportunity Scholarship program was created to provide families with monetary scholarships to be able to attend a private school of their choice. The program is providing $60.6 million to almost 16,000 students in North Carolina this year to attend private schools – providing students up to $4,200 a year in families making under $75,000 a year.

At a Public School Forum meeting last September, Governor Cooper described the program as “wrong” and that it “needs to stop.”

The Opportunity Scholarship program, according to our February 2021 Carolina Partnership for Reform poll, is supported by 66% of North Carolina voters.

But now, the N&O is attacking Senate Leader Phil Berger and the Reform Majority for wanting to provide Opportunity Scholarships to more NC families.  They say offering more choice to families is wrong.

The liberal education establishment does not seem to stand up for the wishes of parents for their children – they’re in lockstep with the NCAE teachers union bosses who kept children from going back to school for in-person learning.  They did this with full knowledge of studies across the country earlier this year that revealed children were suffering emotionally and educationally from not being together with other school children.

It’s no wonder more parents are seeking better educational opportunities for their children.

Initial Opportunity Scholarship funds went to help parents whose children were stuck in low-achieving and often dangerous school environments.

These days, since the educational revelations parents realized as a result of the COVID pandemic, parents must face the knowledge that many of the state’s teachers are more concerned with their labor union ties than children’s education.  And parents increasingly are facing cultural changes in their children’s schools such as the incursion of socialism and Critical Race Theory into our children’s school curriculum.

Parents across the state want their children to get a good education in our public schools.  They are unfortunately having to make serious choices about their children’s educational future.  Bravo to the Reform Majority for giving parents more opportunity to help make those choices.