Statewide Poll Leftovers

March 23, 2021

This will be our last post on our latest survey of policy issues in North Carolina. Here are some odds and ends we’ve not yet covered yet:

By a 71% to 27% margin, voters support the legislature authorizing the State Lottery to offer new lottery gaming options that would generate over $250 million per year to build and update North Carolina’s public school buildings.

• When it comes to infrastructure spending, voters prefer spending money on conservative priorities like school construction, repairing and upgrading sewer and water infrastructure, accelerating road and transportation projects, and fully funding the state’s Rainy Day fund.

65% of voters oppose defunding the police. Only 33% agree with the liberal position of police defunding.

• 56% of Republicans and GOP-leaning independent voters consider themselves “Trump” Republicans, to the 40% who consider themselves “traditional” Republicans.

• The special interest that punches furthest above its weight at the legislature is the far-left environmental lobby. In a narrow top-issue question where voters are given only four named choices to pick from, 7% of voters choose the environment as their top policy concern. The only real explanation for environmentalists’ influence is the Green Machine’s status as the top spending special interest in the state. They’ve bought the liberals and everyone else is scared to death of their money.

• Voters support conservative policy solutions BIGLY. 65% of voters believe tax cuts create jobs and grow the economy and 76% support reducing the personal income tax rate and increasing the standard deduction for families. By a 40-point margin, voters prefer the legislature’s pay-as-you-go approach to funding infrastructure over the Governor’s plan to borrow billions.

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