Holy Grail or Temple of Doom?

March 16, 2021

We’ve long opposed expanding Medicaid in North Carolina on the basis that it is a costlyjob-killing scheme that kicks people off private insurance and discourages work.

But we’ve also noted that Roy Cooper’s cheerleading liberal media here in North Carolina has no intention of telling the public the whole story about Medicaid expansion or that people on Medicaid don’t see improved healthcare outcomes – especially compared to people covered by private insurance.

So, it should come as no surprise that an uninformed public continues to support the Holy Grail of lame duck Governor Roy Cooper’s second term:  expanding Medicaid here in North Carolina.

What’s interesting – and where Cooper’s liberal legislative lemmings should take heed – is that the voting public is not nearly as committed to expanding Medicaid as Cooper is.

In fact, 51% of voters believe Cooper should not veto the state budget if it doesn’t include Medicaid expansion.

That number skyrockets to 69% of voters opposing a Cooper veto of a budget over the exclusion of Medicaid expansion if the budget includes pay raises for teachers and tax cuts for families.

Choose wisely liberal legislative lemmings.  When it comes time to vote on the budget veto override, your Lame Duck governor’s quest for his political Holy Grail could turn into your own political Temple of Doom.